The Britt Files: Don't Give Away the Answer...Yet

Today’s topic in The Britt Files focuses on waiting. That’s right – when you ask students a question when you’re lecturing, how long do you wait to allow students to answer? Is it the suggested 3-5 to five seconds?    Read More »
“Brain scans cannot give rise directly to lesson plans.” The possibilities of bridging neuroscience and educational practice are both enormous and limited. Every Monday Pearson asks two experts–one from higher education and one from K12–to apply principles from learning science to today’s classrooms. This is part two of a series of eight questions.    Read More »
In this podcast, we highlight key aspects of the CBE playbook as well as discuss the four key decisions you will need to grapple with while planning CBE initiatives.     Read More »
In order to make way for our next generation learning platforms and focus on producing new digital products to better meet our customers’ needs, Pearson has decided to retire the majority of MyLab courses in Teacher Education. If you are a Teacher Education or Counseling MyLab customer, please read this important information.    Read More »

Diversity in Schools Improves Learning Outcomes

Diversity in education matters, and it plays an important role in our mission of helping people make more of their lives through learning. Our differences give us unique perspectives that can enrich our learning, work, and lives. This great infographic breaks down the stats.    Read More »

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