Theories are incredibly useful tools for researchers and practitioners alike: They help us integrate enormous bodies of research findings, enable us to make predictions about what’s likely to happen if we do such-and-such, and provide a foundation for developing sensible academic curricula and teaching strategies.    Read More »
In this blog we would like to address this difference of perspective, because it bears on a very important foundational issue: How we view the nature and potential of the students we teach.    Read More »

Read for the Record Gets Celebrity Support

Will you be reading for the record this fall? You can sign up to read "Bunny Cakes" by Rosemary Wells on October 21st.    Read More »
Clare Kilbane and Natalie Milman, authors of Teaching Models: Designing Instruction for 21st Century Learners will show you how you can design effective instruction for 21st Century Learners.    Read More »

Enhanced Pearson eText Online Training Sessions

If you are using an Enhanced Pearson eText in your course this semester and could use some guidance on how to best implement this new resource in your course, we can help!    Read More »


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