Many teachers are discovering the power of having a learning target for each lesson. The power of a true learning target is that it transfers some of the energy to the students. It’s no longer all about what you teach, it’s about what they learn.    Read More »
SIOP professional developers Amy Washam and Lindsay Young discussed the reasons behind having separate content objectives and language objectives and a teacher asked, "What about in an ELA classroom?" See how they responded.     Read More »

The Value of My Education – Arianna’s Story

Pearson Student Advisory Board member Arianna Brown-Harris talks at Pearson’s annual national meeting about overcoming adversity and the importance of her education in her life and the lives of her family.    Read More »
Teacher Education Professors: If you are using an Enhanced Pearson eText in your course this semester and could use some guidance on how to best implement this new resource in your course, we can help!    Read More »

The Case for Competency-Based Education?

Philip DiSalvio, dean of the College of Advancing & Professional Studies at the University of Massachusetts Boston, interviews Pamela Tate, president and CEO of the Council for Adult and Experiential Learning (CAEL) about Prior Learning, Competency-Based Education for the New England Journal of Higher Education.    Read More »


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