The Journeys of Harvard Students with Disabilities

In this excerpt from Diversity in the Student Body authors discuss their new book on the stories of Harvard students with disabilities.    Read More »

The Britt Files - Are Your Slides a MESS?

Today's topic in The Britt Files offers ways to avoid cognitive overload when giving a slide presentation through the acronym MESS. Using these strategies, you can create slide presentations that are dynamic without being too busy, mixing together visuals and text so students are able to absorb all the information on a single slide rather than be distracted by any single element.    Read More »
More than 60 Asian-American organizations in May 2015 filed a complaint with the U.S. Education Department charging that Harvard University discriminates against Asian-American applicants.    Read More »
We are honored to announce the 2015 online learning excellence award recipients from Drexel University, Ryerson University, Mohawk College and Berklee College of Music. The awards were divided into two categories — Excellence in Online Administration and Excellence in Online Teaching...    Read More »

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