If we want to find the most innovative technological developments and the most creative uses it’s important to broaden our field of vision beyond our own discipline. Look at developments in the fields of science, technology, and engineering.    Read More »
John Tweeddale, SVP of Efficacy and Quality discusses how the quality team is improving education implementation models. This team focuses on highlighting best practices around MyLab & Mastering products and Course Redesign implementations.     Read More »
As a professor of education, I am, first and foremost, committed to developing outstanding K-12 teachers. That’s because I believe that highly qualified and passionate educators are the best instruments to improve education in K-12 settings.    Read More »
Theories are incredibly useful tools for researchers and practitioners alike: They help us integrate enormous bodies of research findings, enable us to make predictions about what’s likely to happen if we do such-and-such, and provide a foundation for developing sensible academic curricula and teaching strategies.    Read More »


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