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Just the FAQs: How Can I Change the Number of Attempts for the Study Plan Pre- and Posttests?

Q: How can I change the number of attempts for the study plan pre- and posttests in MyEducationLab?

A: By default, the number of attempts for the Pretests in the Study Plan is limited to one. Study Plan Pretests have the rule of one attempt to ensure the integrity of the pretest as a valid diagnostic tool for measuring student mastery. Because of this, instructors are not allowed to change the number of attempts for the Pretests in the Study Plan content.

Study Plan Posytests are not limited to one attempt, however, they are limited to the number of attempts it takes for the student to pass the threshold set by the instructor (by default, the threshold is 70 percent).

There are a couple of things to note, however:

1.) Instructors can allow for a certain number of saves – meaning, that students can save their work in the Study Plan Pretest, and return to the Pretest to finish and submit their results. This might be useful where students are working on their Study Plan Pretests in an on-campus computer lab, click Save, and then finish up the test at home. They will receive full-credit for that Pretest, just as long as they submit it prior to the due date. This is only available for Study Plan Pretests.

To change the number of saves allows in the Study Plan Pretests, the instructor will login to MyEducationLab and select their course and:

- click Preferences from the horizontal course menu

- click Activities from the vertical Preferences menu

- Under Customize Study Plan, click Edit to the right of Pretest label

- In the Default Preferences Menu, select Allow Students to Save for Later, and indicate the number of saves allowed

- Click Save

2.) If students require another attempt at the Pre or Posttests in the Study Plan, the instructor can Delete All Submissions, and allow for the student to retake or attempt the Pre or Posttest again. To Delete All Submissions:

- Select Edit in the Study Plan Quiz option menu (the gray arrow that appears when you run your mouse over Study Plan Quiz in the Study Plan chapters in the My Course content menu)

- Select View Submissions from the options menu that appears to the right of either Pre- or Posttest

- Highlight the student’s name in the Student List menu

- Click Delete All Submissions

- Verify that you would like to delete the submission

- The student can now retake their Pre- or Posttest.


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